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Brewster Murray is a design house. We see constraints as opportunities. We believe that doing more with less is a hallmark of contemporary, sustainable design. Through sheer simplicity and efficiency, this concept demonstrates the creative thinking and intelligent resourcefulness that underpins our work.

The personal nature of our commitment to our clients pushes us to exceed their expectations. We see an opportunity to do things differently in every project we are involved in: finding new ways, overcoming constraints by working around them/with them, to create more space and flexibility, is how we deliver relevant and design-focused solutions.

We manage the transformation of environments that tell your story, inspire people and enhance business. We have a passion for workplace, commercial, industrial and residential design excellence that reflects the ever changing technological, social and environmental influences of our time.

We rely just as much on our 70 year heritage as on our forward thinking culture, constantly keeping an ear and eye out on social and global trends.